La Vida Loren Photography

I launched my new photography business called La Vida Loren. I will no longer contribute posts to this blog….. all of my latest work can now be found here LaVidaLoren (Boudoir/Lingerie/Glamour Photography) on Facebook

Joana Boudoir Session

Sharissa Boudoir Session

Maghen’s Model Photo Shoot / Long Island Photographer

Maghen contacted me about doing a photo shoot and we immediately agreed that if it was a nice day, we would head outdoors to capture the nice fall foliage. We had a beautiful day and it worked out perfect. We headed down to a nice trail I know, in a heavily wooded area in Wantagh. It was the perfect set for the style of shots we set out to take.

“Hey there, they are gorgeous!!! Thank you, I am always asked if I smile and now I can show them I actually do. LOL,” Maghen


Niki Boudoir Session / Long Island Photography

Niki has been on a mission to loss weight. She booked her boudoir shoot with me because she hoped it would help her achieve her weight loss goals. After a long time of diet and exercise, she dropped about 30lbs (probably more by now!). Not only does she look fantastic, she is confident and happy. We were able to pick poses together that she felt comfortable doing, and in the end the shots came out great. Congrats on the new body Niki :)

“Heyy thanks for the touch ups! i loved shooting with you and i love our pics i wish i could post them all. If you want to, put me down as a reference or something. Just in case people want to write to me and ask me about you. Hopefully in a few months ill look even better and we can do another shoot and get some more poses down.” Niki


Aurora Boudoir Shoot Long Island Photography

More photos coming soon!

Maghen Photoshoot Long Island Photography

So, these night time beach shoots have become real challenging. Maybe that’s why I love doing them so much. This time I had my man RePete assist me with lighting. We ran into the usual beach shoot problems….. trying to keep the equipment dry, not losing any flashes in the ocean, and of course…. trying to keep sand off of the equipment. Yea right, like thats gonna happen. I realized it was gonna get messy when in the first 5 minutes I had already drenched half my shirt from the surf. No help from Hurricane Bill that just passed by off-shore. All in all it was a pretty good shoot. Maghen did her thing like a pro. This was our second shoot together, and I really feel comfortable working with her. With RePete’s lighting skills in full force, these shots came out HOT!